Xe’ xe’ smun’eem: Our Sacred Children is a mini-documentary from the Cowichan Valley School District. A year in the making, the video focuses on the amazing work happening throughout the district to increase Indigenous ways of knowing for learners, staff, and the community.

Set on Vancouver Island, in the Cowichan Valley, the video highlights some of the deep learning that takes place throughout the district and the people and systems that make these learning opportunities possible. Along with videos like ‘Hul’q’umi’num Word of the Week’ and ‘Hello Dolly’, these concrete examples of land-based learning showcase the extraordinary work that happens every day in the valley.

Historically, systematic attempts to destroy the language and culture of Indigenous peoples existed throughout Canada, even in the Cowichan Valley. As time has gone on, and these systemic injustices were examined, changes are being made to help rejuvenate language and culture. Led by dedicated cultural teachers in Indigenous communities across Canada, the change is being felt. Education plays a large role in that change, and the Cowichan Valley School District is excited to do its part.

The district recognizes the truth and thoughtfully journeys towards reconciliation with Cowichan Valley learners, staff, and community. We hope this video inspires everyone to learn more about the language and culture of the Coast Salish peoples.

Watch the film.

Mike Russell, Communications Manager, Cowichan Valley School District