Serving and Supporting BC’s Boards of Education

Statement on Gender Identity Education Protests

Inclusive schools that welcome all students, families and staff are central to public education in British Columbia. British Columbia School Trustees Association has always supported and led initiatives focused on uplifting all students and creating safe, welcoming environments where students can grow and learn.

Students should never bear the weight of hatred, and discrimination has no place within public education. We will continue to advocate for the needs of students throughout the province, and through our co-governance relationship with the Ministry of Education and Child Care, we will support the continued development of safe, inclusive learning environments.

We are a democratic society, and while we fully respect everyone’s right to express their opinions, we cannot tolerate intolerance at the doorstep of our schools. BCSTA is committed to supporting boards of education to ensure that students reach their full potential.

Advocacy: Family Connection Centres

[Sent September 12, 2023]

President Broady to Minister Dean and Minister Singh: 

“In their unique role as voices of their local communities, boards of education are equipped to provide feedback on local expectations and opportunities related to family connection centres.”

Advocacy Response: Peer to Peer Sexual Misconduct

[Received August 22, 2023]

Deputy Assistant Deputy Minister McCrea to President Broady: 

“We recognize the importance of ensuring incidents of peer-to-peer sexual misconduct in schools are responded to appropriately, and thank you for highlighting the opportunity to work with education partners, including the BCSTA, to develop a more consistent provincial approach to better support student victim/survivors of peer-to-peer sexual misconduct.”

Advocacy: Annual Facilities Grant and CleanBC Goals

[Sent August 21, 2023]

President Broady to Minister Singh: 

“Through my direct discussions with board chairs and discussions with our members during our various gatherings, it is consistently expressed that our association must advocate for increasing this essential funding if we are to meet the needs of school districts and the students they serve throughout B.C.”

Advocacy: Updating Audit Parameters

[Sent August 18, 2023]

President Broady to Assistant Deputy Minister Brown: 

“We are pleased to hear you are working with interested parties, including the First Nations Education Steering Committee, to ensure all ministry policies align with the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.”

Advocacy: Operation Costs and Portables

[Sent August 18, 2023]

President Broady to Ministers Conroy and Singh: 

“Both of these resolutions highlight ongoing funding concerns expressed by our membership, and we ask that your ministries consider additional funding to address these important areas of need.”

Advocacy: Review of School Area Standards

[Sent August 18, 2023]

President Broady to Assistant Deputy Minister Brown: 

“Thank you for meeting with us on May 31 to discuss the resolution above. Your dedication to supporting public education is valued, and your thoughtful consideration of how these additional space requirements highlight discrepancies with current area standards is appreciated.”