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Advocacy Response: Support for Youth Mental Health

[Received April 17, 2024]

Minister Rachna Singh to President Broady: 

“As you know from the regular conversations we’ve shared, our government is committed to ensuring students have access to high-quality education and that they received the resources and supports they need to thrive.”

Behind the Scenes: Insights from the Budget Lock-Up

Last week, I looked around a room where I was gathered with our education partners without internet access, having surrendered my cell phone moments earlier and been sworn to secrecy about our discussion. It felt like something out of a spy movie, but B.C.’s annual provincial budget lock-up in Victoria was a chance to hear firsthand what the 2024 budget had in store for the education sector and an opportunity to focus on the needs of K-12 public schools across B.C.

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Media Release: Mixed Results for Public Schools in B.C.’s 2024 Budget

[Victoria, B.C. – February 22, 2024] Despite some positives, today’s budget overlooks pressing needs in B.C.’s public education system. Funding to ease enrolment pressures and escalating costs facing families are welcome news, but this budget missed addressing key issues facing schools, including aging infrastructure, inflation-driven operating costs and recruitment and retention pressures.