Serving and Supporting BC’s Boards of Education

Advocacy: Funding for Exempt Compensation Grids Response

[Received November 17, 2022]

Minister Whiteside to President Broady:

“I am pleased to let you know that the Public Sector Employers’ Council Secretariat (PSEC Secretariat) has recently confirmed that the K-12 public education sector has the authority to ‘age’ salary ranges by four percent in 2022, up to and including executive level employee ranges. This may be implemented retroactively to July 1, 2022.”

Advocacy: Premier Eby – Congratulations and Invitation

[Sent November 21, 2022]

President Broady to Premier Eby:

“With many newly elected trustees being sworn in this fall, now is a critical time to establish shared priorities and highlight how we can best support boards of education in their role as co-governors of the province’s public education system.”

Advocacy: Funding for Exempt Compensation Grids

[Sent October 13, 2022]

President Broady to Minister Robinson and Minister Whiteside:

“Currently, British Columbia’s school districts face significant unfunded cost pressures related to salary increases for exempt staff, which redirect much-needed funding away from classrooms.”

Advocacy: Budget 2023 Feedback

[Sent June 29, 2022]

President Broady to members of the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services:

“As you will recall, the presentation I provided on behalf of the British Columbia School Trustees Association focused on the need for additional capital funding, new money for unfunded cost increases and funding to support inclusive education.”

Advocacy: Annual Report on Deferred Maintenance

[Sent June 22, 2022]

President Broady to Minister Whiteside:

“In response to the lack of additional funding and on behalf of our member boards of education, we ask that the Ministry of Education and Child Care provide BCSTA with an annual report on school building deferred maintenance.”

Advocacy: Capital Cost Sharing

[Sent June 22, 2022]

President Broady to Minister Robinson and Minister Whiteside:

“Our association’s membership has raised concerns over current requirements surrounding capital cost-sharing. These requirements instruct boards of education to use operating funds towards supported capital projects, placing additional financial stress on districts.”