At BCSTA’s spring annual general meeting members decide on the advocacy directions their Association will carry out the following year.

Based on the resolutions coming out of AGM, these advocacy efforts have a major impact on government policies and decisions relating to K-12 students. BCSTA advocates for boards of education by meeting and corresponding with key leaders in education and by raising public awareness. Review BCSTA’s strategic plan for more details on our ongoing advocacy work.

Recent Advocacy Letters

Below you will find some of BCSTA’s most recent letters and correspondence with provincial government and other organizations to advocate for the actions outlined in our resolutions. If you wish to review advocacy content beyond this preview, you can do so by clicking the “letter archive” button above.

Advocacy: School Life Cycle Funding

[Sent March 31, 2021] President Higginson to Minister  Whiteside: “This paper was written by BCSTA’s Capital Working Group with input from every board of education in B.C. The report, endorsed by our board of directors, focuses on the province-wide need to address steadily increasing levels of deferred life cycle maintenance.”

Advocacy: Moving Forward After COVID-19

[Sent March 10, 2021] President Higginson to Minister  Whiteside: “This short report, written by BCSTA in conjunction with member boards, addresses areas that boards of education feel we will need to focus on in order to effectively mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19 on the young people of B.C.”

Advocacy: COVID-19 Vaccine Priority in Public Education

[Sent March 3, 2021] President Higginson to Ministers Dix and Whiteside: “Boards of education believe it is critical that the provincial government prioritize public education workers in the weeks ahead as part of the province’s immunization plan.”

Advocacy: Action on Anti-Black Racism

[Sent February 10, 2021] President Higginson to Minister Whiteside: “Boards across our province are actively doing important work in these areas, and we call on you for additional support in dealing with addressing systemic racism in B.C.’s public education system.”