Category: Advocacy Letters

Incoming and outgoing correspondence related to BCSTA’s advocacy efforts.

Advocacy: School Site Acquisitions

[Sent January 20, 2020] President Higginson to Minister of Education Fleming: “The enclosed discussion paper identifies several specific concerns about school site acquisitions and lists recommendations for government consideration which are intended to address those concerns. The paper was developed as a result of engagement with every Board of Education and input from several boards.”

Advocacy: Vape Awareness and Vape Cessation Resources for Youth

[Sent November 7, 2019] President Higginson to Federal Minister of Health Petitpas Taylor, BC Minister of Health Dix and BC Minister of Education Fleming: “The motion was passed unanimously by BCSTA’s membership and serves to highlight the overwhelming concerns our members have regarding the prevalence of vaping in BC’s public schools. While the true extent of

Advocacy: Funding for Menstrual Product Dispensers – Response

[Received Oct 28, 2019] Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier James to President Higginson:  “As you may be aware, a ministerial order was issued in April 2019 by the Minister of Education that required public schools to provide free menstrual products for students in school washrooms by the end of 2019. At that time, $300,000 in provincial

Advocacy: Implementation of MSP Requirement for International Students

[Sent November 5, 2019] President Higginson to Minister Dix: “While most school trustees, and the school districts they represent, do not have a concern with fee paying international students being required to have and pay for medical services plan (MSP) coverage, the timing of the announcement of this policy change is highly problematic for the

Advocacy: Funding Distribution Model Feedback

[Sent October 31, 2019] President Higginson to Minister Fleming: “While BCSTA remains fully committed to our position that the current funding model must be modernized, and to the jointly established guiding principles for change, we also recognize the need for individual boards to see and fully understand the impact of any changes that cabinet may

Advocacy: E-Cigarettes and Vapour Products – Response

[Received July 29, 2019] Director General, Tobacco Control Directorate, Controlled Substances and Cannabis Branch Health Canada, Van Loon to President Higginson:  “Health Canada shares the concerns you raised as well as those of parents, educators and public health stakeholders about the troubling trend of youth vaping and is continuing to take action. The Government of Canada has already