Serving and Supporting BC’s Boards of Education

Advocacy: Implementing CleanBC Plan for School Districts

[Sent August 15, 2019] President Higginson to Minister Fleming and Minister Heyman: “Support in the way of funding for new school construction and the retrofitting of current buildings, as well as operation guidelines, will do much to aid districts in meeting the goals outlined in CleanBC’s report. The full report indicates that changes must be

Advocacy: Eligibility Requirements for Teacher Training

[Sent August 8, 2019] President Higginson to Minister Fleming and Minister Mark: “As indicated in the motion’s rationale, applicants in rural communities are often not able to meet the standards for admission to a teacher education program. This includes candidates with undergraduate degrees who indicated that equivalent education was not considered acceptable in the admission

Advocacy: Funding for Exempt Staff Compensation

[Sent August 1, 2019] President Higginson to Minister James: “In response to the call from our membership, we request that you consider fully funding school district exempt staff through the Ministry of Education. Providing this funding will allow districts to allocate their budgets in order to focus spending on locally determined priorities such as improving

Advocacy: E-Cigarettes and Vapour Products

[Sent July 11, 2019] President Higginson to Minister Petitpas Taylor and Minister Dix: “Similar to the marketing of traditional cigarettes in the past, the creators, distributors and sellers of e-cigarettes and vaping devices are focusing hard on creating life-long customers by targeting young people. Flavours appealing to younger demographics, such as bubble gum, and devices designed

Advocacy: Mental Health Supports for Students with Intellectual Disabilities and or Autism

[Sent July 11, 2019] President Higginson to Ministers Darcy, Dix, Fleming and Mark: “Providing additional professional development and learning opportunities, focused on mental health and well-being, and aimed specifically at those working directly with children and youth afflicted with the difficulties outlined in the resolution, will undoubtedly provide a stronger foundation for both learners and

Advocacy: Funding for Mental Health and Wellness Initiatives for Districts

[Sent July 11, 2019] President Higginson to Ministers Conroy, Darcy, Dix and Fleming: “Promoting positive mental health strategies in schools is an important initial step in providing support for those students who suffer, often in silence. Being proactive, and developing strategies that promote the importance of acknowledging mental health issues, and removing the stigmas surrounding

Advocacy: Funding to Install and Supply Free Tampon and Pad Dispensers in BC Schools

[Sent July 11, 2019] President Higginson to Minister Fleming, Minister James and Dean (MLA): “As outlined in the motion, we wish to formally commend the Minister of Education, Rob Fleming, for his work in enduring that free menstrual products be made available to all of BC’s students. We also would like to share our appreciation

Advocacy: BCSTA AGM Resolutions

[Sent May 30, 2019] President Higginson to Minister Fleming: “Please find attached to this letter a complete listing of the resolutions passed by the British Columbia School Trustees Association’s membership during our 2019 Annual General Meeting, which occurred within the final week of April. For your convenience, the resolutions have been grouped by themes (i.e., areas