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Advocacy: Action on Anti-Black Racism

[Sent February 10, 2021] President Higginson to Minister Whiteside: “Boards across our province are actively doing important work in these areas, and we call on you for additional support in dealing with addressing systemic racism in B.C.’s public education system.”

Advocacy: Funding for Trades

[Sent February 3, 2021] President Higginson to Ministers Kang and Whiteside: “Working in trades is a desirable career opportunity for many of B.C.’s young people, and we must lessen barriers to entry and navigate this changing landscape together.”

Advocacy: Public Sector Executive Wage Freeze

[Sent February 3, 2021] President Higginson to Minister Robinson: “While we certainly appreciate the financial impact that COVID-19 has on British Columbia’s budget, we also wish to highlight the success we have had in keeping schools open and safe for students and staff during this time of crisis.”