Serving and Supporting BC’s Boards of Education

Advocacy: Support for Youth Mental Health

[Sent November 21, 2023]

President Broady to Minister Singh: 

“Dedicated clinicians, Indigenous practitioners and related services are required to meet the growing needs of students. While school staff have done their best to rise to the occasion, we must consciously address these needs to serve vulnerable students better.”

BC Parliament building

Advocacy: Recent Meeting on Disruptions

[Sent November 1, 2023]

President Broady to Premier Eby:

Thank you for meeting with me on October 17 to discuss the protests and disruptions that have taken place on and near school sites and at recent board of education meetings.”

Advocacy Response: Transit for Teens Campaign

[Received October 13, 2023]

Minister Fleming to President Broady:

“In the 130 communities served by BC Transit, local governments are responsible for working with BC Transit to determine service levels, fares and routes, and many communities have developed their own programs to provide discounted or free transit for youth.”

Advocacy Response: Funding Support for Technology

[Received October 12, 2023]

Minister Singh to President Broady: 

“Each year boards of education receive Annual Facility Grant (AFG) funding which can be used at their discretion to address a variety of priorities, including technological infrastructure upgrades to accommodate computer and telecommunications networks at existing facilities.”

Advocacy: Protests in School Districts

[Sent October 5, 2023]

President Broady to Premier Eby:

The British Columbia School Trustees Association is very concerned about the recent protests in communities and the disruptions that are taking place.”