[Victoria, B.C. – February 28, 2023] Increased capital spending and expanded school food program funding announced today are welcome investments for our public school communities but do little to address shortfalls in operating costs, needed upgrades to existing facilities and the need to support our most vulnerable students.

“While new investments in child care and to support families are welcome, overall, this is a disappointing budget for B.C.’s K-12 sector,” said Carolyn Broady, president of the BC School Trustees Association (BCSTA).

Government must recognize the need to fund annual cost increases and expand programs to support students.

“BCSTA has called on the province to fund further investments in our public schools, including investments for special education, supports for children in care, Indigenous learners and students with unique needs,” said Broady. “We have also asked the province to address the increasing cost pressures facing boards of education due to inflation and expanded enrolment growth.”

“We appreciate and recognize the government’s commitment to public education in B.C.,” said Broady. “But we want to ensure that students in this province have access to the facilities and programs they deserve.”

Boards of education are committed to improving student outcomes in B.C.’s public schools and ensuring that every student can reach their full potential.

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