Abbi’s decision to get into trades was influenced by her grandfather. “He always liked cars and worked in car dealerships. He played a major role in my upbringing and so I always wanted to do everything he was doing.”

“He got me involved in changing car tires and batteries, and something just clicked… I knew this was something I wanted to do.”

As a woman pursuing a career in trades, Abbi’s goal is to break the stereotype that it’s only men that do trades. “I wanted to do something that I felt passionate about and that I’m good at doing. I love working with my hands. I’m really good at thinking ahead, and so I thought that mechanics would be a great career for me. My ultimate goal is to open my own business and employ other female mechanics.”

Abbi was pleased to find that the Auto Service program offers a good balance between classwork and shop work. She recently completed work experience at a local Canadian Tire and has been invited back for their hiring session this June. She is hoping to apprentice there while completing the BCIT five-year school program.

“My time at Canadian Tire was the best work-related job that I have had. They welcomed me with open arms and warm hearts. I learned so much – from thinking of alternative solutions to complex problems to dealing with customers. By the end of my time there, I was doing oil changes like I’ve been doing them since I was born!”

Abbi offers some great advice to others, particularly female students, thinking of a career in the trades. “Don’t let anyone talk you down or question why you’re there. Be who you are. Be confident in yourself and go after what you want.”

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