BCSTA’s board of directors is saddened to hear that Quebec has decided to move forward with the elimination of French language boards of education. The tabling of Bill 40, which seeks to eliminate French speaking boards in their province, removes local representation from the public-school system.

We’re grateful that the government of British Columbia understands the importance of local representation in public education and is committed to keeping the public involved in public education through locally elected trustees and boards of education. The elimination of boards of education compromises a community’s ability to ensure local priorities and values are reflected in the daily operations of the school system.  A robust public education system is the most important asset in ensuring a strong and vibrant democracy and it is only possible with local representation. 

Local representation in education makes a difference when it comes to student achievement. Studies across North America have confirmed that well governed boards of education have a significant positive effect on student achievement. Our member boards are an essential part of our democratic system, ensuring local communities needs are served through local representation and advocacy.

Stephanie Higginson