The Jean Ciriani Scholarship for Communications recognizes a graduating student who has excelled at communication studies and who has expressed an interest in using their communications skills in the support of public policy and education. This year, the family of Jean Ciriani and the BCSTA are pleased to announce the winner of the $1,500 bursary:

Wolfe Siu
Windermere Secondary School
SD39 (Vancouver)

His teacher, Jeffrey Mazo of the Social Studies Department in Windermere Secondary writes:

“Wolfe Siu is an extraordinary young person. As his current History 12 teacher, I have seen many examples of his strong academic work, artistic talent, and genuine interest in social justice issues since I first taught him in Grade 8 and every year after that… It has been a pleasure to see the growth of his academic work since the junior grades. He often takes risks in his projects (individual and group), research papers, presentations and class contributions during discussions. His work is always thoughtful and reflective. I particularly appreciate the resources he shares with me, which demonstrates a genuine curiosity and interest in the subject matter outside of the classroom.”

In his essay submission, Wolfe made a case for the importance of communications in the implementation of policies and governance by public institutions through research, spokespersons and media resources. He also mentioned the importance of a continous cycle of feedback from the public.

Congratulations, Wolfe!

About Jean Ciriani

Jean Ciriani was the Director of Communications at the BCSTA until she passed away in 2009. In memory of her contributions to education and the execution of public policy, her family and friends raised the funds necessary to establish this scholarship in her name.

Jean had a lifelong interest in the communication of public policy and, especially, public policy related to education. Throughout her life, she was determined that her career should allow her to use her gift for communication to further the functioning of our public institutions. As a person who belonged to a family of educators, it was quite natural that her ultimate goal was to be part of an institution that played a significant role in guiding the policies of our education system.

This scholarship reflects Jean’s lifelong interest in good governance and the support that communications can serve to support it.