[Vancouver, B.C. – January 5, 2017] Teresa Rezansoff, President of the British Columbia School Trustee’s Association, is supportive of today’s announcement that $50 million be allocated to BC school districts this January. The action is a first response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling this past December in favour of the BC Teachers’ Federation. 

“Although these funds are intended for the second half of this school year, we are looking forward to the positive effects they will have on the system as a whole, and equally anticipate how this will shape the upcoming school year,” said Rezansoff in response to the Ministry of Education’s press release. 

The BCSTA supports the intent that decisions surrounding the use of these funds be made at local level. “The understanding local Boards of Education have of their school district’s unique needs can go a long way to ensuring the requirements of student’s learning needs are best met,” said Rezansoff. “BCSTA also recognizes the importance of teacher locals and school districts finding mutually beneficial solutions.” 

BCSTA represents member Boards of Education from throughout British Columbia, and will continue to be a voice at the table as negotiations towards the restoration of the language from 2002 are finalised. 

In closing, Rezansoff provided the following insight into the future. “We support the current course of action taken by both parties.” Public education is everyone’s concern, and the results of these negotiations will be far reaching and have a long lasting impact on students and BC’s school districts. We look forward to our continued involvement in the discussions.