The Conseil scolaire francophone (CSF) is a public board of education that serves over 6,300 students in 47 French-language schools throughout the entire province of British Columbia.

From Smithers to Penticton, Campbell River to Victoria, Chilliwack to Vancouver, Richmond to Whistler, wherever you are in B.C., you have a chance to enrol your child in one of our schools.

Our student body is more varied than many people think! While CSF school students must meet eligibility requirements set out in Section 23 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we serve students and families from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many children have one or two parents from different parts of Canada, while others are francophones who have lived their whole lives in B.C. Others have one or more French-speaker parents from all over the world.

As the newest and only province-wide board of education in B.C., we provide inclusive and innovative physical and online learning in all our schools. Our students benefit from technology starting at kindergarten, free school transportation, Indigenous and reconciliation learning, as well as Dogwood, Cornouiller and International Baccalaureate diplomas. Students in our schools have a very high success rate at provincial tests, including Indigenous students and students with disabilities and diverse abilities.

We adopted the hybrid work approach, which enables our employees to be closer to their own communities because we care about each school in every region of B.C. Furthermore, our board of education includes trustees from all regions of the province who reflect and advocate for the needs of their communities.

CSF’s board emphasizes continuous information sharing and collaboration with all anglophone boards of education through our seven school trustees who represent our district in all educational associations and organizations in B.C.

Our common goal with the anglophone boards is to provide high-quality public education in ways that are culturally sensitive and enriching for all students, and CSF schools have an additional mission in teaching French as a first language to ensure that students develop a deep understanding and appreciation for their francophone community, culture and roots. Students who graduate from CSF schools do so with high levels of French-English bilingualism, which opens a wide range of exciting opportunities both in Canada and worldwide after their high-school graduation.

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This story has been provided by the CSF board of education.