BCSTA’s new members-only area of our website, the BCSTA HUB, is now open for business.  The HUB will provide a number of new features and services aimed at providing improved services and communications for all members.

Included within the HUB will be:

  • The BCSTA Events Calendar
  • Member notifications and information updates
  • Discussion Groups (i.e. Listservs) for committees and board chairs
  • Access to our new Trustee Learning Guide and other resources
  • Work areas and information for all Branches and Standing Committees

Access to the HUB will be through an individual trustee or senior district staff log-in and password. BCSTA staff will be emailing all trustees, as well as superintendents, over the next three weeks with your access information. We have begun with board chairs, standing committee members and branch presidents, but will roll out access to everyone else as soon as possible.

Please note that while all trustees and superintendents will have access to the HUB and its common areas (events calendar, Trustee Learning Guide, policy library), access to specific discussion groups, committee or branch on-line work areas, and confidential information will be limited to those members of those groups only.  This will allow us to provide all members with access to a wide variety of new resources, while still providing limited opportunities for confidential discussion groups and information.

The HUB is not intended to replace BCSTA’s public website. We will also be updating our website soon to ensure our public profile is maintained, but complementing that site with our new members only area and resources.  This combination of communications sites and options should provide members, partner groups and the public with a much improved resource and experience.

If you would like additional information about BCSTA’s new HUB, please contact us at any time. All members will receive their introductory access update in the near future.

Click here to access the HUB.