ABE – Adult Basic Education
ACEBC – Association for Community Education in BC
ASBA – Alberta School Boards Association
BAA – Board/Authority Authorized Courses
BCCPAC – BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils
BCCT – BC College of Teachers
BCELC – BC Education Leadership Council
BCPSEA – BC Public School Employers’ Association
BCPVPA – BC Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association
BCSDSTA – BC School District Secretary-Treasurers’ Association
BCSSA – BC School Superintendents’ Association
BCSTA – BC School Trustees Association
BCTF – BC Teachers’ Federation
CAPP – Career and Personal Planning
CAPSLE – Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education
CEA – Canadian Education Association
CMEC – Council of Ministers of Education
CSF – Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique
CSBA – Canadian School Boards Association
CTF – Canadian Teachers’ Federation
CUPE – Canadian Union of Public Employees
DASH – Directorate of Agencies for School Health
DIAND – Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (also INAC)
ESL – English as a Second Language
FISA – Federation of Independent School Associations of BC
FNESC – First Nations Education Steering Committee
FOIPOP/FIPPA/FOIPPA – Freedom of Information and Protectionof Privacy Act
INAC – Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (also DIAND)
IRP – Integrated Resource Package
MAE – Ministry of Advanced Education
MASH – Municipalities, Academic organizations, Schools and Hospitals
MAST – Manitoba Association of School Trustees
MCFD – Ministry for Children and Family Development
MOE – Ministry of Education
MSDL – Ministry of Skills, Development and Labour
MUSH – Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals
LEA – Local Education Agreement
NCA – National Children’s Agenda
NSBA – National School Boards Association
NSSBA – Nova Scotia School Boards Association
NLSBA – Nfld. and Labrador School Boards Association
OPSBA – Ontario Public School Boards Association
PSA – Provincial Specialists’ Association (under BCTF)
QESBA – Quebec English School Boards Association
SOA – Superintendent of Achievement
SPOABC – School Plant Officials Association of BC
SSTA – Saskatchewan School Trustees Association
TQB – Teacher Qualification Board
TQS – Teacher Qualification Service
UBCIC – Union of BC Indian Chiefs