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Issue #21 of the Education Leader (digital format)

Post-Election Thoughts from BCSTA President Gordon Swan

With the election behind us, it is now time to shift focus back toward the work we have been elected to do. Your board of directors returns in full, and we look forward to continuing our work as your advocates and representatives to government, our partner organizations and the public while providing you with the

National Fiscal Sustainability Report Highlights Provincial Concerns

The Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) recently released their Fiscal Sustainability Report for 2018 at the end of September. This report outlines the PBO’s current “assessment of the sustainability of government finances over the long term for the federal government, subnational governments and public pension plans.”

Matt Carruthers, BC’s SOGI Education Lead, on Progress and the Future

The 2017-2018 school year has seen learning communities engage in SOGI-inclusive education like never before. In just its second year, the BC SOGI Educator Network now consists of 54 out of 60 school districts and continues to grow. While many educators have been engaged in SOGI work for years, the Network has centralized resources, fostered

Elected School Boards are Vital to English-Speaking Quebecers

English public education has a long and storied history in Quebec. Today the system has roughly 100,000 students in schools located throughout the province. We strongly believe that quality English public education essential to our future, and that maintaining control and management of that education by means of elected school boards is vital to the