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Issue #20 of the Education Leader (digital format)


Trustees at AGM 2018

As a way to increase the profile of school trustees as the election approaches, BCSTA launched the #ProudToBeASchoolTrustee social media campaign at our 2018 AGM. Members have been encouraged to share messages on social media about why they are #ProudToBeASchoolTrustee, including why they decided to run as a trustee, the work they are most proud to be involved in

A Summary of BCSTA on SOGI 1 2 3

As the general election looms, and we collectively approach the three week marker, boards, trustees and the public have much to consider. SOGI 1 2 3, a learning resource created by ARC Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and educators, and developed with the goal of supporting all students regardless of their sexual orientation