Following our April Annual General Meeting, the BCSTA board of directors set forward with a series of meetings to establish the direction of your organization and its key goals for 2019-2022.

The foundation of this work was the guidance and input of member boards of education as provided through your AGM motions and the discussions at that time reflecting external factors.

The strategic plan provides us with specific goals as well as identified targets to guide our important work over the next three years. The board of directors believes that measurable goals with specific dates will serve the membership best in terms of both accountability and progress. It is our intention to provide regular updates as well as a comprehensive review of the results through to our AGM.

Members can access BCSTA’s strategic plan and other supporting documents in our member’s area (the BCSTA HUB).

We also encourage you to read BCSTA’s Strategic Planning – Boards of Education and Student Achievement (PDF) publication.