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BCSTA Leadership Series

In the book “Vanishing School Boards: Where School Boards Have Gone, Why We Need Them, and How We Can Bring Them Back” Patrick Rice asserts “school boards keep the public in public schools, have a positive effect on student achievement, function as trustees over district resources, and serve as advocates for public schools.” He backs

Strategic Plan 2017/18
Summary Report

On May 2017, shortly after their installment at the 2017 annual general meeting, the 2017/18 BCSTA board of directors came together in an intensive two-day meeting to map out the strategic direction of the Association for the year.

Thanks for Joining us at Trustee Academy 2017

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We hope you enjoyed and found this year’s Academy useful to your important work as a trustee. Trustee Academy 2017 was planned to inspire delegates as they assemble under the theme of “Education Evolution: Student-Centred Governance.” The goal of this year’s academy was to highlight the important role students play in the governance of our