Local school trustee elections allow the community an important opportunity to lead and oversee our valuable investment in public education. Trustees are hardworking community leaders who come together in the context of a board in support of student success. The work is demanding, but important and rewarding.

The British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA) is a provincial voice for trustees and boards of education in BC. We offer trustees and school districts services and support, and we act as a provincial advocate for public education.

If you are running again, or considering running for school trustee, we thank you for your commitment to public education in BC.

While BCSTA can provide information to school trustee candidates, please remember to check with your local school district as you embark on your campaign. They might have candidate packages that include information and copies of the forms you will need.

Please find below resources to guide you in the upcoming 2018 BC General Local Elections:

A guide for school trustee candidates

BCSTA’s guide for school trustee candidates

BCSTA Trustee Elections Bulletins:

Election Resource Links: