“The Building Blocks for Your Work as a Trustee on a School Board”

  • Content: Mandate and Services, Governance and Labour Relations 101
  • Draft Program Schedule: Friday, January 25 and Saturday, January 26, 2019
  • Audience: Open to Trustees, Senior Management and HR staff
  • Registration: Opens December 3

Sessions to be mixed between BCPSEA and BCSTA

Preliminary Program Themes:

  • Opening Plenary Workshop: BCSTA/BCPSEA
  • Life in a Multi-Employer Environment
    • BC’s public school districts are 60 separate employers with common interests linked together through a representative employers’ association. This unique environment presents both opportunities and challenges. BCPSEA staff will explore this environment with you and relate it to board work at the district level.
  • BCSTA Legal Issues for Trustees
  • BCPSEA Public Education Labour Relations 101
    • As a school trustee and member of a board of education, what do you need to know? This session will provide an overview of the legislative and labour relations framework and what it means to be an employer representative in a large public sector unionized environment.
  • BCPSEA Services
    • BCPSEA provides a full range of human resource services to school districts, with a focus on the development, coordination and facilitation of human resources best practices. BCPSEA staff will provide an overview of the association, its mandate, and its services.
  • BCPSEA Connections: Boards of Education, Trustee Representatives, and the Employers’ Association
    • Under the BCPSEA Bylaws, each board of education must appoint an official Trustee Representative to BCPSEA. This session will explore the role and responsibilities of the BCPSEA Trustee Representative and how they can best work with their board to ensure the efficient and effective flow of information/input between your board and your employers’ association.
  • BCSTA Mentor Meetings
    • New trustees in branch groupings will meet with their assigned BCSTA board members to discuss what they have heard so far and establish ongoing contact arrangements for mentoring and support.
  • BCSTA BCPSEA  Ask the Expert – panel discussion
    • During this final session, trustees will have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from an experienced panel.
  • BCSTA Learning Guide and HUB
    • Overview of BCSTA learning materials for trustees.
  • BCPSEA and BCSTA: How Well Do You Know Your Organizations?
    • Given everything you’ve learned, it’s time to have some fun and “test” your knowledge!