In 1905, 20 school trustees from around British Columbia met at the Vancouver School Board office. These trustees, from eight boards – Grand Forks, Kamloops, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster, Vancouver and Victoria – discussed common problems and ways to improve public education. Agreeing to continue working together on matters of shared concern, they formed BCSTA, the first school trustees association in Canada.

BC grew, and so did the number of school boards, now called boards of education. By 1956, the BC government formally incorporated BCSTA by an Act of the Legislature. In 1998, BCSTA’s members approved the concept of boards’ key work – improving student achievement through community engagement. In 2017, BCSTA’s membership returned to full representation, once again including all 60 of BC’s boards of education and the school districts they serve. 

For an in-depth account of BCSTA’s history, check out Dr. James B. London’s Public Education, Public Pride: The Centennial History of the BC School Trustees Association