BCSTA has three types of committees:

  • BCSTA standing committees
  • BCSTA ad hoc Committees
  • BCSTA representation to external committees

BCSTA standing committees are formed by resolution on the AGM floor. Membership in, and terms of reference for, these committees is governed by bylaw. Committees with this status include the Indigenous Education Committee, the Credentials Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, the Legislative Committee and the Professional Learning Committee

BCSTA ad hoc committees are established by the Board of Directors, or the Provincial Council, have their terms of reference formulated by the creating body, and must report back to the Provincial Council.

BCSTA representation on external committees is a highly sought after commodity. As the recognized voice of trustees in the province, BCSTA representatives are sought by a number of organizations for participation on committees, advisory groups and in discussion forums.

Prominent amongst those seeking BCSTA representation is the Ministry of Education. BCSTA has representatives sitting on a variety of committees established by this Ministry including: the Education Advisory Council (EAC), British Columbia Education Leadership Council (BCELC), advisory committees on Provincial Assessment, Curriculum Implementation, Urban School Renew and many others.

Ministry committees influence the policy and program development initiated by the Ministry of Education. Other groups, such as the Ministry of Children and Family Development, BC School Sports, the Arts in Education Council and the BC Teachers’ Federation, regularly request, and often receive, BCSTA representation on their committees and working groups.